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Changing life several times and retiring to the Algarve, the story of two nice Italians

In the beautiful scenery of Carvoeiro in the Algarve, in June 2022, @storyhunterstv-cambiovita meets Betti and Aldo, two very nice friends who tell us their extraordinary story. A story made interesting and very pleasant by the accuracy of the opinions and by the sympathy of the protagonists. Story Hunters friends will be able to listen how you can change street not just once, but twice consecutively. The great passion for the sea and for navigation leads our friends to leave Padua, their city of origin, towards distant destinations, until they cross the ocean Atlantic.

After years and years of sailing on the most isolated coasts in contact with pristine environments, Betti and Aldo decide that the time has come to rest in an environment that is by the sea and that offers a favorable climate all year round.

The choice falls on the south of Portugal, where our friends find the home that is able to guarantee them a peaceful life in contact with nature and with their friend the sea. Isolated, but a few minutes by car from centers that offer cultural entertainment such as concerts of classical music, art that they adore, and the possibility of spending pleasant evenings in the company of friends around a table in a restaurant. With unique sympathy and generosity, Betti and Aldo accompany us on these two excursus, that of boat transfer and that of expatriation in Portugal in the Algarve, having fun and giving us lots of useful information. Much can be learned from their story and from the spirit with which Betti and Aldo have been able to direct their lives after years spent following their professions towards new, regenerative goals, which imply a profound change in lifestyle, relationships and the pleasure and the will to open the mind to new solutions and to new and different comparisons with travel companions met along the way. Without placing filters, Betti and Aldo have offered us the opportunity to share their multiple experiences of change, and to transmit to the friends of the Channel a spirit of initiative and curiosity towards the regenerating innovations that change brings with it.

Listening to this interview will be very useful to all those who have the intention of changing their lives, each in their own way, each with their own possibilities, because it brings with it the idea of overcoming their fears and to push the cure beyond the obstacle with the possibility of retracing one's steps, but with the testimony of never having known anyone who has done so.

A very sharp couple that will put the wind in the sails of many couples who are friends of the Channel to sail towards the change of life... Thank you!

Here their interview on the YouTube channel Story Hunters tv < /p>

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